About us

Innovative products for the welding industry

Clean air filtration solutions

Translas UK brings together years of expertise in welding fume extraction, with the manufacturing of innovative welding torches and extractors. Drawing on experience and know-how in extraction and filtration, Translas UK provides a complete and integrated approach to welding products, from torches to extraction units and purification systems. Translas UK delivers all fume extraction installations under the brand name ClearO2.

From the Netherlands to the UK

Translas is the only Dutch manufacturer of welding torches and has nearly 60 years’ experience in the development and production of specialist products for the welding market. In 2018, Translas expanded its operations into the UK market with a new division - Translas UK. Translas is a pioneering organisation with its own marketing, sales, R&D, manufacturing and distribution facilities. Welding products are developed and manufactured in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands.

Innovation and expertise

Translas UK understands the needs of welding professionals and continually strives to produce innovative products with a focus on distinctive design as well as quality and functionality. Products that not only last longer but are comfortable to work with and offer greater functionality. Translas UK is committed to reducing welders’ exposure to hazardous fumes. Pioneering products include extractor torches with a built-in module for the safe extraction of welding fumes at the source and portable extraction units for high performance extraction.

Integrated range of welding solutions

Translas UK continually works to develop new products and can provide customer-specific solutions for non-standard applications. As well as MIG and TIG welding torches, plasma cutting torches and their accessories, Translas UK markets a complete range of air filtration products for welders. This range includes the ClearO2 range of high-quality, flexible systems and dust collection equipment by RoboVent.


Translas UK Preston Office

Translas UK is located in Preston