MIG Welding Torches

Welding Torches

8XM Torch line

The new 8XM torches are high end MIG/MAG welding torches and covers every need of the welder. Every detail in the torches makes welding work even easier and more enjoyable. The handle of the new 8XM  has a strong and solid construction, is light  in weight and easy to put together and take apart.

7XM Torch Line

The 7XM MIG welding torches are designed and manufactured with durability and comfort in mind. They comply with all requirements needed to operate the current generation of welding machinery, and are perfectly suitable for intensive use in every day welding. With the 7XM Mig Torches you can really feel the difference when welding. It has a comfortable handle and is super light. It's an absolute favorite among welders.

MIG Specials

Apart from the regular torch lines, we also create various torches for unique applications, such as when gasless welding is needed or a heavy-duty push-pull system is required. The push-pull torches are made especially for aluminum welding. The pressure from the pull drive rolls on the handle is adjustable to ensure smooth wire feed over long distance cable assemblies.


Options and Wear Parts

The MIG torches are filled with options to suit each individual welder. We supply various types of switch modules, including double button and/or digital display, and we also offer an interchangeable swan neck. In addition to this, all of the wear and replacement parts are manufactured in-house.

MIG Spare Parts for Other Makes

We manufacture a wide range of spare parts for many different brands. We can supply standard replacement parts for almost every major brand on the market. For special requirements we’re able to produce custom-made spare parts to suit every customer. We are equipped with a wide number of CNC turning and milling machines, as well as molding machines. Because of this we can guarantee customer satisfaction.