Translas nominated for Accenture Innovation Award 2014. Cast your vote!


Translas is proud of its nomination for the Accenture Innovation Award 2014. Our 7XM Extractor is in the running for this prestigious prize in innovation. The great thing about this award is that you can help us win by casting your vote at [closed].

The 7XM Extractor welding torch was developed by Translas, TNO Research Institute and Stichting iTanks Rotterdam (NL). This welding torch is innovative in a number of ways. Tests carried out by TNO have shown that the Extractor is the first smoke-extraction torch to go under the Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC) value of 1 mg/m³. This means the welding torch contributes significantly to the healthy and safe working conditions of welders. In the Netherlands alone, this amounts to 75,000 people.

The 7XM Extractor also excels in other areas in terms of innovation:

-          Integrated at-source weld fume extraction (55 m³/hour)

-          Conical suction hose tapering from Ø 38 mm to Ø 50 mm

-          Central extraction system with continuous flow regulation and filtering system

-          (Optional) mobile filter system with multi cyclones

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In short: the 7XM Extractor deserves the Accenture Innovation Award 2014. You can vote now on [closed]. Tip: you can cast your vote more than once via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and e-mail.

About the Innovation Awards

Accenture initially established the Innovation Awards with the objective of duly rewarding those companies that provide exceptional, innovative performance. In addition, the event offers comprehensive insight into the state of innovation in the Netherlands. For the jury awards – the Blue Tulip and the Green Tulip – the nominees are assessed on innovation, success and potential by a panel of expert judges. 

The Green Tulip is an overarching industry prize for the most sustainable concept originating from the Netherlands. Accenture, together with the Club of Rome, created the Green Tulip to emphasise the importance of sustainable innovation.

All in keeping with our motto:  BY WELDERS, FOR WELDERS.