European innovation award for 7XE Extractor welding torch


The 7XE Extractor, an innovative welding torch that takes away 90 to 95% of harmful welding fumes directly at the source, has been awarded the EARTO Innovation Award 2015. This international award of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations was presented to the developers of the 7XE Extractor by Carlos Moedas, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation in Brussels on 14 October 2015. The Award was accepted by Bas Knoll of TNO in the absence of the two TNO researchers Ellemieke Henquet and André Moons, who were responsible for the research and development of the conical extraction system of the 7XE Extractor welding torch.

The AwardEarto AwardEarto Award
The Award was presented by the European Association of Research and Technology (EARTO), which was established in 1999 and represents the interests of more than 350 European research and technology organisations (RTOs) in European political circles and European R&D research programmes. The Awards have been presented since 2009 to RTOs that have contributed significantly to innovation.

Of the 26 entries, 6 innovations made the final, divided over two categories: ‘Impact Delivered’ and ‘Impact Expected’. Innovations in the first category have already demonstrated their social and economic worth and been placed on the market. The 7XE Extractor was placed in this category in the final, up against the formidable opposition of the German Fraunhofer-Institut and Sweden's SP Technical Research Institute, but in the end the Extractor prevailed.

The 7XE Extractor welding torch: breakthrough for a healthier working environment
The 7XE Extractor takes away the welding fumes directly at the source and reduces them by 90% to 95% with no concessions to the weld quality. This means that welders and others working in the same area are no longer exposed to harmful welding fumes. Once its use has become widespread, the health of some 730,000 welders in Europe will be improved. Reducing the health hazard caused by exposure to welding fumes has been an important topic for many years. The fact that a solution is now available represents a true breakthrough. The Extractor also saves substantial costs through:


  •        Lower health costs
  •        Less absenteeism and downtime
  •        Reduction in production losses caused by protective measures
  •        Lower investment in welding and extraction equipment
  •        Lower ventilation and energy costs.


Developed in close partnership

Translas developed the 7XE Extractor welding torch in partnership with the independent Dutch research institute TNO and the innovation platform iTanks. Translas is responsible for the entire production and sales operation.